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Climber with a passion for film making and photography

Colette climbs at a high level, which gives her great insight to her other passion of filmmaking and photography of the climbing lifestyle. Her hardest climb has been China Crisis (5.14a) in Oliana, Spain.

Birthday: Jan 20th
Home town: Nashville, TN
Current home: Helsinki, Finland
Favorite MAXIM rope: Airliner

"Climbing isn’t just the act itself, it’s all the things that revolve around it, the travel, the community, the challenge and ultimately the satisfaction in putting yourself out there into the unknown over and over again."

Colette McInerney 

Get to know Colette...

Tell us how and when you got into climbing? 
My roommate took me to a climbing gym spring semester of my freshman year in college. By my sophomore year I was spending most weekends up at the Gunks in New Paltz NY.

What are you doing when you are not climbing?
Normally shooting video, photos, editing them or traveling somewhere to create them. My life the last 8 years has been a pretty nonstop pursuit of climbing and filming trips. I love it!  

What is the soundtrack of your life (favorite song)?
Well it can’t be one song that’s obvious. Life has way too many moments and flavors for that. But if you made me choose “Get into the Groove” by Madonna. 

What stokes you the most? 
Probably good conditions. Nothing like a perfect breeze and cool dry air to get me psyched to try something hard. 

If you could choose a super power, what would it be? 
Flying of course! 

What was your favorite climbing adventure?
Girl’s Trip Brazil 2013. This was one of my first epic climbing/ filming trips and I ended up staying in Brazil for three months. But the truth is I’m kind of on that never ending road trip and every day is pretty exciting. 

Career Highlights


Country/City: Oliana, Spain
Grade: 13d
Length: 35 meters

First of the grade and pushed me into believing I was capable of harder redpoint challenges.

Serpentine, Grampians Australia Taipan Wall

Country/City: Australia
Grade: 8a/13b
Length: 30 meters

Second Pitch. First hard mixed climb this route pushed me mentally on so many levels not to mention it’s in an unforgettable place!

Kaleidescope, Red River Gorge KY

Country/City: Red River Gorge KY
Grade: 13b
Lenght: 30 Meters

This was a route I had watched people on for many years. I never knew if I would be strong enough to climb it so when I took a season to project this line and it went down it was a testament to growing as a climbing and goal setting in my climbing.

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