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All-around old school climber with a soft spot for El Cap

Dave is an all-around old school climber – with a new school twist. He is capable in all mediums of climbing, but really has made his mark with speed ascents of big wall climbs. With Alex Honnold, he did the “7 in 7” on El Capitan. Imagine waking up each morning for a week, knowing you were going to climb an El Cap route each day. Welcome to Dave’s world.

Birthday: February 7, 1985
Home town: San Jose, California
Current home: Las Vegas, NV
Favorite MAXIM rope: Airliner 9.1 and the Platinum 9.8 for big walling

“I have used the Airliner everywhere from the sport crag to big walls, it is the most durable and lightest weight rope out there. I have dragged them around the globe on expeditions, and then brought them home afterwards and kept using them for many more months of climbing. This is the best rope out there.”

David Allfrey

Get to know David ...

Tell us how and when you got into climbing? 
I started trad climbing as a kid with my Dad in the Sierra Nevada in California.  When I got to College I really started to rock climb a lot and it took over my life from then on.

What are you doing when you are not climbing? 
Mountain biking, exploring, cleaning the house, making things, building stuff or working in the garden

What is the soundtrack of your life (favorite song)?
91.5FM - the commercial free jazz station.

Do you have any peculiar eating habits? 
Yes, when I am really hungry I’ll eat everything and anything, and lots of it.

If you could choose a super power, what would it be? 
Definitely to be able to fly.

What was your favorite climbing adventure?
I don’t think I have a singular favorite climbing adventure.  There are way too many amazing days out in the mountains.  Recently I spent several days scoping, attempting and then finally sending a rarely formed ice climb near Las Vegas that was a pretty special and fun time. 

Career Highlights

El Cap routes

The New Jersey Turnpike, Tangerine Trip, Eagles Way, The Nose, Lurking Fear, Zodiac, The Triple Direct

Country/City: Yosemite Valley, CA
Grade: Grade VI Big Walls
Length: 16 to 28 pitches each

In one week Alex Honnold and I climbed 7 different El Cap routes, one each day.  During the week we set 4 new speed records, did 175 big wall pitches, and did about 26 days of climbing in just 7 days

Deconstructing Jenga

Country/City: Baffin Island, Nunavut, Canada
Grade: Grade VI 5.9+ A3+
Length: ~20 pitches

This was one of the most remote and out there trips I have done and it was a lifetime goal to climb in Baffin.  We had an amazing, and difficult trip, learning to function in the incredibly cold Arctic was an incredible experience.

The Freerider

Country/City: Yosemite Valley, CA
Grade: Grade VI 5.12d
Lenght: 3300 ft, 36 pitches

Having spent so much time in Yosemite and aid climbing on El Capitan I had never really imagined free climbing El Cap also.  It was an awesome trip with the help of a great friend who made it possible by helping with all the big wall logistics and letting me lead every pitch.

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