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Young ambitious climber and coach of Elite kids team

Kerry Scott has been climbing since she was first introduced to an indoor wall when she was 3 years old. After joining the Earth Treks in Rockwill with 9 years, she started climbing outside at New River Gorge in high school. Currently she is a senior at University of North Carolina and coaches the Elite team at Triangle Rock Club in Raleigh, NC. The kids are a pleasure to work with, and they inspire her with their positivity, sportsmanship, and incredible dedication to the sport.

Birthday: July 13, 1996
Home town: Rockville, Maryland
Current home: Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Favorite MAXIM rope: The Yellow Jacket Pinnacle!

“You can climb harder than you think you can. Don’t be afraid to try and fail!”

“I love having a rope I can trust to catch me during all the failing I do on new projects :-) Maxim ropes are the ropes for this!” 

Kerry Scott

Get to know Kerry ...

Tell us how and when you got into climbing? 
The first time I ever went climbing was at a Dick’s Sporting Goods in Dallas, Texas when I was 3 years old! My dad, brother, and I would go to this wall as our Saturday morning activity on and off for five years. When we moved to Maryland, my parents found the Earth Treks gyms and signed me up for their rec team. I was hooked, and I joined the elite team and started competing when I was 9!

What are you doing when you are not climbing? 
Math! I am currently a full-time student teacher at a local high school. I just finished my math major, and now I am learning how to be a teacher! 

What is the soundtrack of your life (favorite song)?
I’m currently really into the song Rocks by Life of Dillon because it came up randomly on Spotify one day and it was just too perfect… 

Do you have any peculiar eating habits? 
I LOVE peanut butter! Maybe a little too much… I once ate an entire jar on a single weekend trip…. 

What stokes you the most? 
My team kids and my climbing partners! The kids that I coach in Raleigh, North Carolina inspire me so much because of how hard they work. I also get really psyched whenever I climb with people who love climbing.  

If you could choose a super power, what would it be? 
Teleportation! Think of all the places you could instantly go climbing at!

Career Highlights

The Racist 

Country/City: New River Gorge, West Virginia
Grade: 5.13b, FFA
Length: 90 ft

This route is a notoriously stout New River Gorge test piece with big committing moves, and a powerful crux. While it is not my hardest grade, it is definitely my anti-style route. I picked this route to force myself to work on my weaknesses. I struggled for a while with it, because I linked together everything but the crux, and I couldn’t even do the crux in isolation! When I sent, it felt more amazing than when I sent my first 5.14. I was really proud of how hard I worked to climb in a different style than I usually climb in.

Proper Soul (5.14a)

Country/City: New River Gorge, West Virginia
Grade: 5.14a
Length: 100 ft

This was my first 5.14a! It is in the New River Gorge, in West Virginia, which is my favorite place to climb! I was super excited to send this line I originally considered to be a “Life Goal”. It made me realize I am capable of so much more than I think I am!

Coal Train (5.14a, FFA).

Country/City: New River Gorge, West Virginia
Grade: 5.14a, FFA
Lenght: n.a.

This is another beautiful New River Gorge route! Even though I had already sent Proper Soul, I was still hesitant to try another 5.14a, because I was currently very stuck on The Racist (13b). Thankfully, Ben Hanna came to the New, and inspired me to try it! It was nice to take a little mental break from the frustrations of The Racist and enjoy climbing something new. This climb has some of the best movement on perfect edges with classic New River Gorge “lock-it-off-to-your-waist” moves. I instantly fell in love!

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