PLATINUM Technology


The PLATINUM® technology offers the ultimate in safety & security. In contrast to conventional kernmantle ropes, ropes with the PLATINUM® technology feature a permanent mechanical connection between the rope‘s core and its cover. At regular intervals, the core and cover yarns are interlaced with one another, which avoids sheath slippage.

Additionally, the twisted cores are mechanically connected to produce a stable and compact core where load is equally distributed. These features result in a compact yet flexible rope with superior handling and high abrasion resistance. The connection of the two load-bearing elements makes PLATINUM® ropes an especially safe choice in abrasive and sharp-edged surroundings. In case the cover is cut at a sharp rock edge, the core and the cover remain bonded together and the cover will not slip.

Due to its special construction, ropes with the PLATINUM® technology offer a solution to the following critical situations in traditional rope usage: v

Coreless cover at the end

Sheath slippage can cause a surplus length of the cover at the end of the rope that results in a coreless rope section. This may be extremely dangerous for inexperienced climbers. PLATINUM® technology avoids core-cover displacement!

Conventional rope


Pushing together of cover

The use of climbing devices might push the cover of traditional ropes together and make it impossible to pass the rope through the device; climbers would no longer able to rappel down by themselves. PLATINUM® technology prevents bunching of the cover!

Conventional rope


Sheath severing

In contact with sharp edges, the cover of the rope could get cut and break. With traditional ropes, the cover slides down, gathers and in the best case makes it difficult to pass, in the worst case the cover will slide completely off the rope. PLATINUM® technology keeps core and cover together due to permanent mechanical connection, even if the sheath is severed in 360 degrees around the rope. 

Conventional rope


The PLATINUM® technology was developed by TEUFELBERGER. in 2012,and was only used for semi-static ropes initially. It took another five years to transfer this unique technology to dynamic climbing ropes. In 2017, we were finally able to introduce the first climbing rope with the special core-cover-connection to the market, MAXIM PLATINUM®. On top of the patented PLATINUM® interconnection of core and cover and it’s other advantages, MAXIM PLATINUM® offers additional features like a Middle Mark and a Warning Track Tracer that offer the ultimate in safety & durability.

Our PLATINUM® Technology is use in these ropes:

  • PLATINUM Protect PA



MAXIM Platinum Folder

User instruction PLATINUM ropes

User instruction MAXIM Platinum

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