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Maximum performance at every send

When it comes to your safety, we leave nothing to chance. No matter what your outdoor pursuits are, MAXIM Ropes are your perfect partner!

The demands made on climbing ropes are tremendous. Safety and reliability are paramount; your rope is your lifeline!  MAXIM continues to set the highest standards and strive to deliver the best products for climbers worldwide.

The beginning

MAXIM was founded by the inventor of Goldline, the original climbing rope of the 1960's. We are pioneers of climbing rope technology and future innovations. The MAXIM engineering team has its finger on the pulse, creating ropes with unique technologies to support your wildest adventures.

We invented the Endura DRY treatment process that extends the life of your rope by keeping water out and improving its resistance to internal abrasion. Our Bi-Pattern technology makes the mid-point quickly and easily visible to the climber – once you try our Bi-Patterns you’ll never go back.  Another key invention is our innovative PLATINUM® braiding technology and the Warning Track tracer system add an unsurpassed level of safety. We permanently connect the core and the sheath of the PLATINUM® rope. This makes the rope more compact, abrasion resistant and it will never slip if your sheath gets damaged or even severed. Ropes with the Warning Track tracer system indicate the midpoint with a yellow tracer and warn the climber of the end of the rope by an increasing number of red tracers on the last 5 meters of each end.

High performance for pros and recreational climbers

MAXIM ropes excel due to their longevity, durability and excellent performance. That is why many of the world’s greatest climbers, expedition teams and major ascents/sends rely on our ropes. Through our corporate sponsorships and outstanding climbing team, we stay actively involved in the climbing community and build partnerships that are meant to last. Rock climbing legend Randy Leavitt leads a team of today’s top athletes in the sport including; Alex Honnold, Chris Sharma, Jonathan Siegrist, Paige Claassen, Pamela Shanti-Pack, Will Stanhope, the Hörst family, David Allfrey, Greg Kerzhner and many others. By sponsoring and aligning ourselves with the best of the best we are in the thick of the climbing scene, not just on its edge. Our product development is born from their experience, testing and ideas. 

MAXIM also strives to raise the overall climbing lifestyle by supporting groups whose missions are to further the sport of recreational climbing, increase awareness of climbing safety and to improve access to climbing areas. Among these are our long standing partnerships with the Access Fund, the American Mountain Guides Association, the Climbing Wall Association and the Outdoor Industry Association.

Part of TEUFELBERGER group

As a member of the TEUFELBERGER Group, a more than 225 year old family owned rope manufacturer, we are a part of the largest life safety rope manufacturer in the world.  This global perspective enables us to not limit ourselves to dynamic ropes. Within the MAXIM portfolio, climbers will also find static ropes, accessory cords, shock cords in addition to slings and many other products. Our comprehensive product portfolio paired with excellent performance and safety make MAXIM your perfect climbing partner.

MAXIM - With you when you clip, with you when you whip.

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