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Michi Kemeter & "Harry's Dirty Brother"

A milestone got done on the 29th of February. Michi Kemeter successfully climbed a sport climbing route called „Harry’s Dirty Brother“ in the west of Austria.







One day with MAXIM athlete Chris Sharma

Follow MAXIM® athlete Chris Sharma through the day and see how Chris finds enough time for his family, his climbing gym business and climbing new projects in Cova de l'Ocell.

Chris Sharma & MAXIM Climbing Ropes

Chris Sharma tells us why he is happy and proud to be part of the MAXIM athletes team.







A Love Letter to MAXIM Airliner

MAXIM athlete Jonathan Siegrist loves the Airliner 9.1mm. In this video he tells you why it is his favorite rope!

Mich Kemeter climbing "Tortour"

It took the MAXIM athlete Mich Kemeter six years until he finally redpointed his developed the route of "Tortour" at Schartenspitze/Austria. On his way to the top, MAXIM® Platinum® was his rope of choice.

How to uncoil a new rope

MAXIM athlete Paige Claassen shows you how to uncoil a new rope without getting kinks and tangles. Check it out!

Randy Leavitt climbing "River of Life"

San Diego's short version of Separate Reality - a new roof-crack rock climb featuring Randy Leavitt, filmed by Chris Hubbard, belayed by Stacey Stevenson. High above a city of 2 million people, new adventures can still be found. Though this climb is only 5.11+, it is spectacular for the grade. Climbing rack (trad to 1.5 inches) include doubles on green alien and doubles on green C4 Camalots. Main body of music by vvsmusic "Jigger". 

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