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Rope Types

Before you are able to decide which rope to choose for your climbing experience, it is essential know about available climbing rope types. The most popular climbing ropes are single ropes, which are mainly used for sport and indoor climbing. For trad, multi-pitch, alpine or ice climbing, half or twin ropes are preferred and for hauling often static ropes are chosen.

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Climbing styles

Although climbing became a trend sport some years ago, it has already been existing since ages and climbing styles evolved a lot in the past. The most important differentiation when it comes to climbing is between Top Rope Climbing and Lead Climbing.

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Choose your rope

When you like to get yourself a new climbing rope, the choice of ropes is vast and it is not easy to find the right rope for you. In the following chart we give you a quick guideline based on your preferred climbing discipline and the needed rope requirements.

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How to …

Our MAXIM athletes give you practical tips and hints to improve your climbing experience. Check out the video of Paige Claassen who show you how to uncoil a new rope with getting any kinks into the rope. MAXIM team captain Randy Leavitt tells in a video exactly what to look for when expecting a rope.

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Rope material

Back in the days, fiber ropes were made from natural fibers like hemp or sisal. During the 40’s the first synthetic fibers came up and it was started to use Polyamide and Polyester fibers for rope production especially for the production of climbing ropes.

Besides the mainly used Polyamide and Polyester, also other synthetic fibers in different shapes and made from different material are used for rope production. Learn more about fiber structures, raw materials and their characteristics on the following page.

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Rope constructions

At MAXIM® Climbing Ropes we go the extra mile to get maximum performance for our customers. Therefore our ropes have different constructions to meet the special requirements our customers ask from our ropes. Regular dynamic climbing ropes are made in a Kernmantle-Construction to keep the rope firm yet flexible but the MAXIM® portfolio offers a lot more interesting constructions to get to know.

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MAXIM® Climbing ropes always strives to offer cutting-edge products in terms of technology and design. Therefore we came up with some new technology that revolutionized the rope market within the last years and add value to our products. Find out more about the MAXIM® technologies.

PLATINUM® Technology

Endura Dry Treatment


Rope Care

MAXIM® Climbing Ropes takes great care in manufacturing high-quality ropes, therefore it is important for us to help you maintain the performance of your ropes. The following guide lines about rope care help you increase the service life of your rope and support in achieving the best performance possible when using our ropes.

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