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... uncoil a new rope

MAXIM athlete Paige Claassen shows you how to uncoil your new rope without having any kinks or twists in the rope afterwards. See how the pro does it!

... inspect your ropes in rope courses

Inspection of fiber ropes is one of the most important jobs at any aerial park or ropes course. The condition of your life safety ropes—belay lines, lanyards, evac and rescue ropes, and even ropes that support elements at your operation directly impacts the safety of your guests. However, inspecting these ropes is not the most fun job, and is often done begrudgingly, at the end of a long day or early in the morning before one. But rope inspection deserves your full attention. Visitors entrust you with their lives on a daily basis, and your goal must be a 100 percent success rate. To accomplish this, the quality and condition of the ropes you use is one of the top factors in making sure everyone gets to the ground safely.

Therefore our market manager in the US wrote an article on to explain which points need to be taken into account when inspecting ropes at aerial rope courses and working ropes. 

Here you find the full article >>

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