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Top rope climbing

Top rope climbing is a climbing style where – as the name implies – the rope is coming from the top. The rope is guided through a redirection at the top of the wall and the partner on the floor belays the climber. Top rope climbing is the easiest way to get into climbing and most of the time the first technique new climbers learn. For Top Rope Climbing in climbing gyms it is important to have a robust, abrasion resistant rope that lasts long and withstands a high number of falls. Due to the redirection, the rope is always loaded at the same area, which can result in sheath slippage. MAXIM Climbing s recommends the Chalk Line for indoor Top Rope climbing. It is very compact and robust and features the Str8 Jacket intermediate cover that reduces sheath slippage.

Experienced climbers use Top Rope climbing for fun or when projecting new routes.  It is often the preferred technique for sketchy routes prone to falls. The MAXIM Apex and Equinox are the right choice for these kind of activities. In ice climbing, it can be very dangerous to anchor into the ice, especially early or late in the season. In these situations top roping is the safer option. In addition, this technique is also used for climbing in areas that you can only access from above.

MAXIM offers the following ropes for top rope climbing:

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