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TEUFELBERGER was founded in 1790 as a small hemp rope shop and has evolved into a globally successful group of enterprises since then. Currently, three solid pillars form the success of TEUFELBERGER: Steel wire ropes, fiber ropes, and plastics extrusion. Over the 225+ years of company history, we have constantly improved our knowledge and experience in these fields to develop optimum solutions for our customers. A global network of production facilities in Europe, the USA and Asia, combined with the spirit of a family enterprise, make us a reliable partner for mastering your day-to-day challenges. 

Fiber Rope

The TEUFELBERGER Fiber Rope division develops and produces fiber ropes that satisfy highest demands in the fields of Yachting (FSE Robline® and New England Ropes® brands), Tree Care, Commercial Marine, Industrial (Paper machines, Winches, Entertainment, Forestry) and Life Safety Ropes. TEUFELBERGER is the largest manufacturer of Life Safety Ropes worldwide specializing in ropes for working at height (workplace safety, rope access), rescue (fire, mountain rescue service and emergency response) as well as recreational climbing (MAXIM® Ropes brand).  

Wire Rope

The TEUFELBERGER Wire Rope division, is engaged in research, development, and manufacturing of high-performance steel wire ropes of the Teufelberger-Redaelli brand, Teci and Redaelli. At manufacturing sites in Austria and Italy, several million meters of high-performance steel wire ropes are produced per year for cranes (construction, harbor, and offshore applications), passenger and material ropeways, slope groomer winches, mining and forestry. 

Strapping Solutions

The TEUFELBERGER Fibers + Plastics division builds on decades of experience in the extrusion of polypropylene and polyester products to produce high-quality plastic strapping. The TYCOON® (polyester) and TEWE® (polypropylene) strapping is used to secure goods, like cans, bottles, wood, timber, tiles, steel coils, newspapers or fiber bales.

For more information about the TEUFELBERGER Group, please visit our group homepage: www.teufelberger.com/en/about-us 

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