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Static ropes

Our PLATINUM® XG Protect PES/PA is a static rope that consists of a polyester cover with a polyamide (nylon) core. PLATINUM® is the world's first bonded static rope with a permanent connection between the core and the cover. This eliminates sheath slippage and creates an highly safe rope.


11 mm

11 mm
Platinum Protect PES PA Green/Grey
Platinum Protect PES PA Green/Grey





Tech Specs


Very low elongation

Good resistance to acids

Excellent UV stability

Stays flexible in wet conditions


Standards: EN 1891 A

Core: nylon (polyamide)

Cover: polyester

Braid: 32

Pattern: regular

CE Test Results per EN 1891

Ø Weight Shrinkage Elongation Min. Breaking Strength Min. Breaking Strength: Free length Min. Breaking Strength: Sewn Min. Breaking Strength: With fig. 8 knot Testresult
mm inch g/m lbs/100 % % lbf daN lbf daN lbf
10.5 13/32 78 5.2 2 2 2800 6300 1500 3375 50.5 CE Test Result per EN 1891
11 7/16 86 5.78 2 2 3400 7640 1700 3280 47 CE Test Result per EN 1891

NFPA Test Results

The PLATINUM® Protect XG PES/PA of TEUFLEBERGER features a core-cover connection. But unless the known chemical Unicore connection, the PLATINUM® technology connects the cover and the core of the rope mechanically. With the PLATINUM technology we weave the sheath between the core yarns at fixed intervals. This technique eliminates sheath slippage and creates an unparalleled level of safety, durability & redundancy. It is perfectly suited for all static rope needs, but especially those where the risk of sheath damage is increased, for example in sharp edges environments on big walls or for projecting.

The bonded rope PLATINUM® Protect XG PES/PA consists of a polyester cover with a polyamide (Nylon) core. PLATINUM® Protect XG PES/PA, with its special design and low elongation, is a must-have for everyone performing any level or work at height. These characteristics and the good handling of this rope make your work at height easier. The permanent mechanical connection between the cores and the cover increases safety, but also prolongs the rope's life. The rope is certified to EN 1891A.


  • Low elongation
  • Polyester cover over nylon core
  • Good resistance to acids
  • Seawater resistance
  • Excellent UV resistance
  • Low water absorption
  • 10.5 mm version of this rope is EN 353-2-certified for use with PETZL ASAP and ASAP Lock.

Made in Europe! These cords are proudly made by expert crafts men and women in our Czech facility in Veselí nad Lužnicí.


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