MAXIM History

MAXIM History

The inventor of Goldline climbing rope launched MAXIM in 1980 as the leading brand for climbing. He had been making dynamic ropes since the 1960’s under the New England Ropes brand. For more than 50 years MAXIM ropes has successfully built and maintained its position as the market innovation leader. 

In 2007, the New England Ropes was purchased by the family owned and managed TEUFELBERGER Group, a group of international companies founded in 1790 that specializes in fiber ropes, steel wire ropes, and plastic strapping.  The MAXIM brand has continued to thrive and has grown to be a true global outdoor brand.  

Brief timeline of MAXIM’s history

1967 | New England Ropes was founded by Herb Repass.  The factory was set up on Popes Island in New Bedford, MA and driven by the main principle of quality, quality, quality.  Herb had previously invented Goldline, the high-end-climbing rope of the 1960’s. New England Ropes became the first company in America to produce kernmantle ropes, to make 100% nylon climbing ropes and to receive a UIAA certification.

1980 | The MAXIM brand name became a reality.  The definition of the English word maxim is a true statement of a philosophy or a guiding principle.   The guiding principle of Maxim is quality, durability and innovation.  These truths still guide us today and every day.

1988 | The MAXIM climbing team was founded as a way for MAXIM to support the overall growth of the climbing community and the lifestyle.  Without the hard core pioneers of our original team, you could argue that the ‘dirtbag’, ‘van life’ lifestyle that we all embrace today would not exist.  Our first Athlete ever was Randy Leavitt, and today he’s the team captain and still crushes.

1989 | MAXIM Ropes produced their first Bi-Pattern climbing rope. These ropes change their color pattern in the middle to make the midpoint easily visible. This was a game changer for multi-pitch climbing and rappelling.

1990 | MAXIM Ropes introduces the Endura Dry Treatment process which protects climbing ropes against water absorption. Today, 100% of MAXIM Ropes have the core dry treated (called STD-Dry), even our gym ropes.  This is in line with our core belief that safety is paramount.  Select models are also 2x-DRY, where we treat the core also.  The 2x-DRY ropes meet the new UIAA standard, although that wouldn’t exist for another 27 years after we starting meeting the spec! 

1994 | New England Ropes relocated the production facilities to the current location in Fall River, MA.  The vast majority of the MAXIM line is still manufactured in this facility today by many of the same expert craftspeople who manufactured the original MAXIM line (for real).

2007 | New England Ropes became part of the TEUFELBERGER Group

2008 | The Chalkline, with its Str8 Jacket cover construction, became part of the MAXIM ropes portfolio. The tight weave and intermediate cover of the Str8 Jacket construction reduces sheath slippage and makes the ropes virtually indestructible and able to withstand the all day every day usage of a climbing gym. 

2016 | The revolutionary MAXIM® Platinum® rope was introduced to the market. This rope features a permanent, mechanical connection between the core and the sheath as well as a Warning Track coloring system.  This represents another pivotal moment in the industry that was prompted by MAXIM!

2017 | MAXIM® Ropes were first introduced on a full scale in the European Market

2018 | MAXIM® Platinum® was nominated for the Outdoor Industry Award 2018

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