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Multiline II is a 3-strand composite rope, made of filament polyester and fibrillated polyolefin, that has been used in Challenge courses and High Ropes courses for more than 30 years. It provides the greatest durability, lightest weight and most consistent supple feel over time of any available composite rope.

This product is not CE marked per PPE Regulation - not allowed for PPE use in EU


Multiline II White
Multiline II White


Tech Specs


Improved grip and know holding

Enhanced handling

Consistently supple feel


Perfect for creating lanyards and lobster claws


Material: polyolefin/polyester

Braid: 3-strand

Ø Weight Min. Breaking Strength: Free length
mm inch g/m lbs/100 daN lbf
8 5/16 39.6 2.66 827 1860
10 3/8 62.5 4.2 1290 2900
11 7/16 77.4 5.2 1779 4000
12 1/2 99.7 6.7 2269 5100
16 5/8 154.7 10.4 3781 8500
19 3/4 215.7 14.5 4493 10100
22 7/8 266.3 17.9 5783 13000
25 1 313.9 21.1 6895 15500
28 1.125 447.8 30.1 9342 21000

Multiline II is a 3-strand composite rope, constructed by twisting three strands made of a blend of spun and filament polyester, around cores of fibrillated polyolefin. The polyolefin keeps the strands firm and round without adding weight, which improves abrasion resistance and handling. The spun polyester gives Multiline II its characteristic fuzzy feel and makes it easier to grip, even when wet.

Multiline II has been the rope of choice in Challenge courses and High Ropes courses for more then 30 years. It offers the greater durability, higher strength and lighter weight than any commercially available composite rope. In addition, the spun polyester caters for  consistent supple feel over time. Multiline II is easily identified by its familiar two orange markers.

The 3-strand construction makes this rope perfect for splicing, which retain a lot more strength than the use of knots. This rope is a standard for use as lobster claws, lanyards or any other situation where spliced eyes are required or preferred over knots. This allows the end user better strength and the ability to make custom length units.


  • Spun polyester improves grip, even when wet
  • Fibrillated polyolefin cores keep strands firm and round
  • Improved knot holding ability
  • Great handling in rope courses
  • Consistently supple feel throughout service life
  • Perfect for lanyards and lobster claws.
  • 7/16” and larger Multiline II is approved by TEUFELBERGER Fiber Rope Corporation for use in the challenge course industry as a low stretch rope for belaying a single participant when top-roping and/or as part of an ACCT compliant lanyard/tether.

Made in the USA!  Multiline II is proudly made by expert crafts men and women in our US facility located in Fall River, Massachusetts.


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