MAXIM Signature Series

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Dynamic rope

MAXIM® Climbing Ropes is proud to offer the exclusive Signature Series, created together with our global climbing team! The Signature Series ropes represent a handpicked selection of our highest quality and most performance oriented MAXIMs. The series contains one of each of the exacting standards of MAXIM’s Pinnacle, Glider and Airliner.

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Maxim Signature Series Airliner
Maxim Signature Series Pinnacle Dynamic Rope
Maxim Signature Series Glider Dynamic Rope
Maxim Signature Series Airliner Dynamic Rope

Black/Red/Yellow 2x-DRY

Maxim Signature Series Pinnacle Dynamic Rope

Yellow/Blue 2x-DRY | Bi-Pattern

Maxim Signature Series Glider Dynamic Rope

Purple/Blue/Red STD-DRY | Bi-Pattern

Tech Specs


2X Dry, meets UIAA Dry


High abrasion resistance

Slide smoothly though protection

TPT Technology (Pinnacle, Glider)


Single rope (Pinnacle, Glider)

Single rope, twin rope, half rope (Airliner)

Standards: EN 892, UIAA 101 

Core: nylon (polyamide)

Cover: nylon (polyamide)

Braid: 48

Pattern: Bi-Pattern & Twill Pattern Technology (TPT) (Pinnacle, Glider)

Ø Weight Sheath slippage Elongation Max. Impact Force Number of Falls
mm g/m lbs/100 mm dynamic (%) static (%) kN minimum average
9.1 52.1 3.5 0 28 6.4 9.8 5 5
9.5 61 4.1 0 26 5 10.3 5 7
9.9 65.5 4.4 0 29 5 9.5 5 7

The Signature Series rope line includes a selection of the best performing rope in each of the Glider, Pinnacle and Airliner series ropes. These ropes have the top of the line features in each category and the goal is to put them in one place, at and in, your fingertips.

Each of the Signature Series ropes have MAXIM’s legendary durability and contain our Endura 2X-Dry treatment, which meets the UIAA Dry certification. The Signature Glider and Pinnacle also come with easily identifiable bi-patterns and our TPT sheath construction (a smoother and more supple jacket resulting in less friction and better handling). The Signature Airliner is triple certified as a single, twin and half rope.

While the root of the Signature Series is to consolidate our top of the line features, it also gives climbers a platform with which to climb lighter and faster. Starting with a 9.9mm rope, transition down to a 9.5mm rope and eventually down to a 9.1mm rope. In the process, climbers will lose about 2.2bs (1kg) of rope drag.

The MAXIM Signature Series ropes are proudly made in the USA by expert craftspeople in our Fall River, Massachusetts facility.

These ropes are sold exclusively through our partner REI - Recreational Equipment Inc.  

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