MAXIM ropes for climbing photography
Colette McInerney about MAXIM ropes

“Ropes are your life-line when you’re climbing, having a durable rope you trust is a no brainer. MAXIM has proven worthy time and time again.”

Colette McInerney

Climbing photography

Climbing photography is a special field in photography. Catching the spirit of climbing in a picture is the goal of every sport photographer or every climber who loves photography, for that matter. Although most, if not all, climbing photographers are also climbers, their goal is to get the right shot and in interesting route, rather than climbing that route.

For the best shot, the right position and perspective are paramount. But most of the time there is no platform in the rock for the photographer to take the perfect photo of the climber. Ropes are the best solution to approach the muse from different angles and to move with the climber.

For a photographer who climbs themselves, MAXIM® Apex is the right choice. This robust and highly abrasion resistant rope is well suited for climbing and for rappelling into the right position. For approaching from above static ropes that offer the possibility to rappel are the way to go. Our KM III and Patron are the right choice for this approach because they have very low elongation and will keep the photographer steady in their position. The Personal Escape Rope is also a great fit for hauling equipment on the wall.

MAXIM recommends the following ropes for climbing photography:

© Honnold Collection, Frederic Prochasson / Shutterstock, Colette McInerney

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