Roope! and Roope! XPS

Teufelberger Roope! & Roope! XPX


The TEUFELBERGER roope! and roope! XPS are made from braided color coated Dyneema® terminated by a splice and a sewing. Its material and construction make the roope! anchor sling and the roope! XPS express sling your perfect partners for abrasive environments.



Teufelberger Roope!
Teufelberger Roope! XPX
Teufelberger Roope! XPX

Roope! XPS

Teufelberger Roope!


Tech Specs


High abrasion resistance

High performance at falls over a defined edge

Consistent and highly visible coloring of Dyneema®


Standard: EN 566

Material: Dyneema®

Ø Weight Type Min. Breaking Strength Length
mm inch g/m lbs/100 daN lbf cm
7 9/32 36 16.3 roope 2200 5000 60
7 9/32 69 31.3 roope 2200 5000 120
6 1/4 7 3.2 roope xps 2200 5000 9
6 1/4 10 4.5 roope xps 2200 5000 14
6 1/4 16 7.3 roope xps 2200 5000 29

In the roope!, (pronounced rue-pee!) TEUFELBERGER achieves a crucial advantage in “safety“, the most important of all aspects! The base rope of the roope! anchor sling and the roope! XPS made of braided Dyneema®. Therefore is easier to handle than conventional cords, which cannot always be arranged correctly and are susceptible to great wear. The roope! sling performs up to five times better than normal rope when subjected to abrasion over multiple cycles. In addition, it displays exceptional high strength when exposed to falls over a defined edge!

Furthermore, the roope! features a consistent and intense coloring coating on the Dyneema®, resulting in a highly visible and appealing design. The roope! xps express sling is available with a stitched eye for better handling in carabiners.

Roope! slings have been used for years in life safety applications throughout Europe and are now making their way to the rest of the globe.


  • 100 % braided Dyneema®
  • High resistance against abrasion
  • Superior strength at falls over a defined edge
  • Highly visible and consistent color coating 
  • Spliced and sewn connection
  • Roope! XPS comes with a stitched eye
  • Bomber for dog bones and quick draws

Made in Europe!  These cords are proudly made by expert crafts men and women in our Czech Republic facility in Veselí nad Lužnicí.


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