Maxim Slings


MAXIM® slings are factory sewn loops and made of 100% high quality Dyneema®. They are ultralight, extremely strong and have a very low profile; making them perfect for anchors, tethers, personal protection and any other applicable use. These are the only slings you will ever need.


Maxim Sling Green
Maxim Sling Blue
Maxim Sling Red
Maxim Sling Green

Green (Small)

Maxim Sling Blue

Blue (Medium)

Maxim Sling Red

Red (Large)

Tech Specs


High breaking strength

Minimum weight

No loss of strength when wet or cold


Standard: EN 566

Material: Dyneema®

Weight Type Size Min. Breaking Strength Length
g/m lbs/100 mm inch daN lbf cm
11 5 sling S 10 3/8 2200 5000 30
17 7.7 sling M 10 3/8 2200 5000 60
32 14.5 sling L 10 3/8 2200 5000 120

MAXIM® slings are lightweight sewn slings made of 100 % high quality Dyneema®, with a low provile, terminated with a factory sewing to maintain high breaking force. These slings are ultralight, extremely strong, and very abrasion resistant. Their construction makes them perfect as anchor slings, tether sling, for personal protection and any other applicable use. The material and our unique construction make them unsusceptible to moisture, abrasion and low temperatures. These bomber slings are the only slings you will ever need!

We have been manufacturing these cords for decades as high quality private label items for other outdoor brands and are proud to offer them as part of the MAXIM line. Our slings are 10mm wide and sold in small (30cm), medium (60cm) and large (120cm) pre-sewn, color-coded lengths.


  • High breaking strength
  • Extremely light weight
  • No loss of strength when wet or cold
  • Totally bomber
  • Maintains strength when used in accordance with acceptable climbing uses
  • Pre-sewn to exact length perfect for multiple uses
  • Color coded by length so you can always grab exactly what you need.
  • Sold in individual units
  • Perfect for anchors, tethers, personal protection

These cords are proudly made by expert crafts men and women in our Czech Republic facility in Veselí nad Lužnicí


MAXIM Catalog EU 2017/18

MAXIM Catalog USA 2018/19

User instruction MAXIM Sling S (green)

User instruction MAXIM Sling M (blue)

User instruction MAXIM Slings L (red)

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