Re-Use of ropes

Ideas for using ropes after they have been retired.

We always try to use the raw materials used in rope production as responsibly as possible and avoid waste. Therefore we are happy to introduce you to projects that share this idea and find other uses for used ropes. 

Be creative and win!

Especially now as we spend a lot of time at home it is important to stay engaged. So we asked ourselves: "What can we do?" We've decided to challenge you to be creative. Since we are deeply convinced that we have to make the most of our resources we want to know what are you doing with used ropes? Which ways are you finding to give them a second life? In other words: "Is there any other use for ropes than climbing?"

The competition:

Post a picture of your reused climbing ropes - preferably MAXIM ropes ;-) - with the hashtag #maximreuse on Instagram, like our page and get the chance to win. If your creativity needs a little kick - don't worry we will give you some inspiration on our social media channels over the next weeks. The competition takes place from July 7th to August 20th. Be sure that qualified MAXIM ropes reuse experts will choose the three lucky winners.


  • MAXIM reuse competition runs from July 7th to August 12th 2020.
  • Post a picture of your reused (MAXIM) climbing rope on Instagram using #maximreuse.
  • Like our Instagram page.
  • Get the chance to win a MAXIM rope of your choice, a MAXIM T-shirt or a MAXIM goodie bag.

Here is the link to our Instagram page ...

May the most creative climber win!


Wallets out of used MAXIM Platinum

This is what ne-ia says about herself:

"ne-ia is my small company located in Vorarlberg (Austria). Since 2014 I am producing individual accessories made of used high end climbing ropes.
The goal is – besides the re-/upcycling of the rope – to create handmade unique products with their own stories.
My products are expressing my passion for climbing, nature and my origin."

This small company produced handmade wallets with a cover of used MAXIM Platinum. But there the story doesn't end. This particular rope was used by Austrian climber Michi Kemeter for his first ascent of “Tortour” the hardest multipitch east of Salzburg (the hardest is meanwhile “Weg durch Hedis Kaiserschmarren” which was as well first ascended by Mich).

Learn more about ne-ia here!


A special strap for a special camera

Austrian highend camera strap manufacturer Cooph is producing special straps for Leica cameras. They are using high quality materials and top of the line craftmanship to produce this one of a kind product.

For a limited edition of the Leica camera designed by British designer Paul Smith Cooph used a MAXIM Glider rope to accompany the camera. A special strap for a special camera.

Learn more about Cooph here!

Find out more about the Paul Smith special edition Leica camera here!


Jewellery out of MAXIM ropes

Bettina from @bettyseinzelstuecke loves to create. When she first got some rope left-overs in hand the ideas started to flow.

Now she is making bracelets or necklaces as well as rings out of MAXIM and TEUFELBERGER ropes and sells them on markets and online.

If you are interested in her collection, feel free to contact her via Instagram. 

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